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Jane is the woman for you if you enjoy personal attention. She prides herself on the ability to make her date feel 100% comfortable in her presence. This is the GFE that you have probably heard so much about.

In the adult entertainment world ¨GFE¨stands for girl friend experience. Many men want to spend time with a lady and be sure that it will seem natural. They want to get to know their date. If this is you, then you have found your match.

Jane enjoys talking about your life. She wants to hear the way things are going at work, if that is your desire. She will listen to your problems at home, if you need someone to talk to. She is the friend you need to help release the pent up tensions accumulated from the pressures of daily life.

She also loves providing relaxing NURU massages. You know the kind. The wet, slippery gel applied all over your strong body. Then, she smooths it all in with her hands, making sure you tingle all over. Life just does not get any better than this!

You can meet this top choice among Las Vegas strippers in your hotel or at more public location. Business people often want her to pay a visit to their functions. No problem. She loves meeting your friends in the world of finance and will make you look like a man of influence. A man with this woman on his arm has to be on top of his game, your colleagues will think.

Choose this model if you are looking for the true girl friend experience.

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