This Beach Blonde is Ready For You
California does not have a monopoly on beach blondes. Nope, we have them right here in Nevada too. The main difference is that our blondes have a lot more fun. And, that means you get to have lots of fun with them!

Miko is the all-American blonde you always wanted but could never have. She is ready to be your Marcia Brady. Oh, yeah, we know we called you out with that one. We bet you didn't think anybody knew, right? No worries. This town is all about having a good time. And, you have the perfect companion for those lonely nights.

One of the first things men notice when they meet this highly attractive woman is her bubbly personality. We know you will enjoy sitting in the bar of your hotel laughing the night away. You two will find lots to talk about in the room, as well.

We also want you to know that she is one of the most sought after strippers in the region. Yep, right in your room, you will have your own private dancer. She comes up and gives the type of personal service that only the top V.I.P.´s can get in the clubs.

Our escort service is the best out there. Instead of having to sit in a crowded club hoping to get some attention from the dancers, we send this stunning knockout to your room. Let the other guys fight it out in the stripclub. You have a sure thing when you contact this vivacious blonde babe.

She just loves giving her man an all-over Las Vegas massage. All you have to do is lay there while she does all the work. What man cannot go for that? A hot chick giving you the rub down of your life. Now that is the stuff most men only can dream of happening to them. Meanwhile, she is here waiting to make it a reality.

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