This Is Your Sorority Princess College Girl
Myra is the sweet little daddy´s girl who you probably never had the chance to date in college. Nope, women with her looks usually walk around with their noses stuck up in the air. LOL. Well, all of that is over. You have found one who is totally down to earth.

Her sorority girl looks are a sure turn on. The blood leaves a man´s head as soon as he is alone with her. Don't worry, she is totally cool. So what her dates get is the type of society chick they always wanted but with a good attitude.

She loves to dance. When really in the mood, you cannot stop her. She can go all night. Yep, you have booty shaking all over your room nonstop. And, when she gives that booty a light tap, it is sure to blow your mind.

Do not let her innocent looks fool you. This is a highly-respected woman in the adult entertainment world. Her dates love being seen out in town with her. She enjoys eating a nice meal in a quiet restaurant before heading up to the room for a nightcap.

Besides stripping, she is an erotic massage expert. Get ready for one slippery wet experience. She uses warm gels and oils to help her dates relax. Then, she slides all over the place. Every man should be so lucky at least once, or twice, in his life.
Vegas is the only place where you can meet a woman of this caliber with a good attitude. Just be careful not to tell her real daddy that she is such a bad girl. LOL. Hey, she will keep your secrets, if you will keep quiet about her private life. That is the way things work here in this city.

Contact her now to set up a date. She is ready to show you the best of the Sin City nitelife.

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