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I Am A Natural Beauty


If a man can get me to laugh, he has my heart. I love to laugh and I have a wicked sense of humor. I've been told it is a bit dry, more on the British style of humor, but I like it all, really. I started liking comedy when I was on the east coast visiting the hot Boston escorts. There is something about the humor over there, I cannot get enough. There probably aren't too many strippers in Las Vegas that shares the same sense of humor as me and who is completely turned on by a man that can make a joke, stand behind it and then keep the jokes coming. Las Vegas strip clubs are all about entertainment, so why not crack a few jokes and laugh at the same time?

I'm the best out of all the Las Vegas escort girls you're looking at tonight, and I want to show you why! I'm not one of your average Las Vegas call girls -i I've got the looks and skills that will keep you begging for more of my very special company, visit after visit. I'm hot, lonely and available - what else do you need? Pick up the phone and let's get this party going, stud.

As your chosen escort, companion, and girlfriend, I will go with you to that event of yours, party, dinner, meetings and wherever the fun will be. I want you to know I do consider myself to be one of the most open minded escorts in Sin City. I like to visit other escorts near by to keep up on whats new. I just got back from visiting the Palm Springs escorts in California. I do like to think that I am completely capable of fitting into any environment you wish me to accompany you. And when we retire from that outdoor experience, I will show you real romance, fun and exciting things, doing to your body, soul and mind things you never imagined could be.

I consider myself to the best! Girls direct to your room in Sin city is my call to service and I will be available to help make your time here pleasurable and exciting. I know how to make a man happy and feel real good. I will accompany you to any show, party, event or fun spot you desire to go; and when we go together, you will be damn amazed how much beauty and flow I can exhibit. Your friends or acquaintances will be proud and possibly jealous that your girl (that’s me) looks more attractive and classic than theirs. I will blend into any situation and occasion and it doesn’t matter if it is a meeting to the white house or a date with the president. My composure and style is what everyone loves about me because I can discuss issues with clarity of intelligence and understanding. I am an escort with a difference, a stripper with dignity and a lady with good sense of humor.

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Hi gentlemen my name is Stacey. I am one of the most fun escorts in Las Vegas. I have enjoyed all of my escort work and I also love being an escort in Las Vegas. Escorts in Las Vegas are all really pretty girls that know how to have a good time, but getting complete package can be challenging from time to time. I am one of those women that love to get all dressed up and show off my really pretty body. I work out on a regular basis, so I am always in great shape and look good. Not to mention is visit California a lot with the Los Angeles escorts to learn new tricks and keep up on my beach body. You never need to worry about me having a bad day, because half of the time I don’t even need to wear makeup. I am one of those rare natural beauties, so if you are into a really pretty woman that has beauty on the inside and the outside, then you are going to love me as your Las Vegas escort and all you have to do is call me at 702-478-1556.

Going on a date with me can be very exciting, but it also can be very down-to-earth. If you are unsure of all of the different activities to do in Las Vegas, then I can always lend a helping hand. I know all of the best places to go for strip clubs, nightclubs, and in general restaurants and shopping. Really, the date is going to be up to you and what types of activities you like to do. I have been to pretty much all of the best locations in Las Vegas, so I can always give you an idea of which ones are good and which ones should be avoided. I also have been to a majority of the activities that involve the outdoors. If you are thinking about a date that is going to involve being outside and taking in all of the wonderful Las Vegas weather, then I can give you a few recommendations that will be helpful for our date.

A nice relaxing date with me can be something simple like window shopping and maybe grabbing a bite to eat. If you are thinking about something that does not involve a great deal of activity or you do not want to be around a place that has tons of tourists, then staying in a hotel and having a nice meal can be very relaxing and it can be a great way to get to know each other. A majority of the hotels in Las Vegas have several restaurants, so we can always pick a restaurant that is not very busy. It’s a great way to sit in the corner and just talk and get to know each other and have some time to connect. We can always walk around and just check out the hotel that you are staying in as well. You would be very surprised to see just how active and interesting hotels can be by just simply walking around.

Another great way to spend time with me is enjoying a more intimate setting. These are my favorite dates, because I am able to show off my body and some of my amazing skills. I used to work in a strip club, so I am able to really dance provocatively and I also look great in lingerie. You can’t beat that right? I can be flirtatious and I can also be very sensual, but the main thing I like to do is make sure that you are going wild as I am doing all of my sexy moves. I also can give one of the best lap dances in Las Vegas, so for an escort that is quite an achievement. I like to think of myself as sensual, erotic, and a naughty girl all wrapped up into a very mind blowing package. I also can give a massage that will make you so relaxed, you will want to take a nap. Of course I won’t let you take a nap, because I have a few ideas in mind for us. Our time spent together is going to be very fun and erotic.

I also am very well rehearsed in doing dates like corporate functions and business related activities. If you are in a situation where you need to have a date or you would like to have companionship for one of these functions, then I have plenty of experience. I am able to dress down or dress up for whatever location that may arise. All you need to do is let me know what I need to wear, so that I am able to put together an ensemble that looks wonderful. Do not ever worry about discretion with me, because I am really good at fitting in with the crowd and no one would ever know that I am an escort. We can have a good time together and I can smile and give off a pleasant vibe to anyone that is inquiring who I might be. I also am good at small chitchat, so if anyone is talking to me or trying to figure out who I am, do not worry because I am able to keep things very light and carefree.

As you can see I am the perfect escort for the job. Hiring an escort can be a very hard decision to make, because there are so many beautiful women in Las Vegas. However, I am one of the best and I also am going to make you very happy at the same time. You simply cannot go wrong with me and you are going to be very happy with your decision. I understand how hard people work for their money and I also understand that people are always going to want to pay for perfect services. My goal is to make you happy and I guarantee that our time spent together is going to be very refreshing and enlightening. You will enjoy our time and you also will become very addicted to all of the great things that I’m able to do for you.